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Southwest Art Artistic Excellence
Southwest Art Artistic Excellence

     I’ve been expressing myself through art for as long as I can remember.  By the time I reached high school I took as many art classes as possible.  My college years were spent studying a little bit of everything, but painting always stayed with me.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, with a Bachelor of Arts degree, I decided to travel to Oregon to study oils with my Aunt, Sandee Burman.  I moved back to Wisconsin in 2005 & have been continually learning new techniques & theories ever since. 


      I'm considered a realism artist since my approach to a subject matter is to portray it in a realistic way.  The subject alone is never my first concern when it comes to choosing what I am going to paint.  What is most important is that the composition evokes an emotional response & embodies all aspects of great design. 


     My mother was ill for quite some time with a rare lung condition that kept her in bed for most of the day.  My father filled their backyard with beautiful flowers & a long row of bird feeders right outside her window.  I have many fond memories of sitting with her, chatting & watching the birds at play.  After she passed I began painting still life almost exclusively & found myself adding a bird into every painting.  It is my way of honoring her through my art & keeping her memory alive.


Rebecca Lynne Korth

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